Managed Vulnerability Services

The sophistication and malicious intent of security threats are on the rise. Vulnerabilities emerge daily within networks, applications and databases due to software defects or system misconfigurations. Finding these types of vulnerabilities relies on the accuracy of internal and external scan audits, both in on-premise and cloud environments. Vulnerability scanning is a critical component in cyber security and compliance program. Keeping pace with new vulnerabilities, patches, and updates is a real security challenge. Discovering vulnerable systems and updating them to protect against newly-emerging threats as well as existing threats is a vital part of any security strategy.


Most small business focus their time and money on addressing security threats at the perimeter, but few pay attention to protecting their internal network. At Purple Shield Security, we understand the criticality of information security and the pressure that businesses face in keeping sensitive data and intellectual property secure. Our Vulnerability Management Services allows you to manage a prioritized list of vulnerabilities, understand how to fix them and produce reports detailing and verifying your remediation progress over time. We help reduce your attack surface by proactively detecting vulnerabilities across your IT infrastructure, and prioritizing them based on business impact and risk, and providing remediation guidance — saving you valuable time and reducing operational costs. Many of today’s data breaches are avoidable by taking some simple measures. Our Vulnerability management services gives you confidence that your network and applications are secure. We help you proactively identify vulnerabilities, validate your protection mechanisms and we institute our industry leading strategies to enhance your protection.

Key Benefits

  • Improved security and control.
  • Fast identification of vulnerabilities before external threats can take advantage of them.
  • Eliminate blind spots across your environment.
  • Provides continuous visibility to on-premise and cloud environments.
  • Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the network.
  • Enhance business continuity by reducing the probability of a security breach or exploitation of IT assets.
  • Stay Compliant with federal and/or industry standards and regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PCI, etc.
  • Identify exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Flexible, Continual Scanning.
  • Fully managed service.

Key Features

  • Regularly scheduled audits.
  • Targeted scanning and reporting.
  • Automated testing with manual validation and remediation.
  • Bundle with other managed services or authorized support.
  • Continues System Discovery.
  • Vulnerability scan validations.
  • Remote internal vulnerability Scanning.
  • Workflow to Remediate and Fix Vulnerabilities.
  • No overhead added to the environment.
  • Prioritize and assess the newly identified assets.
  • Prioritization of vulnerabilities based on Risk Scores.

BBgun Press

Purple Shield Security has become a valuable addition to our team. Our business has undergone a major overhaul of our Cybersecurity infrastructure. They always provide us with a high-quality cyber security services, fast response time, and support in case of an incident.

Brian Bumbry - CEO

Sunset Plaza Insurance

Our company was hit with a ransomware that took down the entire business. We called Purple Shield Security for help and advice. They were able to find the source of the ransomware, remove the threat, and help us increase our cybersecurity protection. We signed up for their managed security services and we are extremely happy with our decision.

Roosevelt Tabeshpour – CEO

Allergy Asthma Institute

Partnering with Purple Shield Security over the past five years has helped our medical practice achieve its cybersecurity initiatives, and continuously improve our overall security posture. We greatly appreciate the professionalism and service they have provided us for the past few years, and the peace of mind we enjoy from being secure by Purple Shield Security.

Dr. Asif Rafi – Owner

Law Offices of Gerald Lunn

We worked with few MSP in the past that considered themselves security experts. But after having many security breaches and issues, we decided to hire an actual cybersecurity company. This has been one of the best decisions we have made. There is a huge difference between a MSP that thinks they know security and an actual cybersecurity company. Make the right decision and hire Purple Shield security.

Gerald Lunn – Owner

Q&A Manufacturing

It has been a pleasure working with Purple Shield Security. Their penetration testing services have helped our company to strengthen our cyber posture and mitigate our security risks. They are extremely knowledgeable and experts at what they do. They don't use automated tools like many other companies, they manually hunt for security holes and vulnerabilities.

Brian Cohen - CFO

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